Music General (MUGN)

Major Courses

MUGN M100 Italian Diction and Repertoire 1 cr.

This course is designed for singers and covers the basics of Italian pronunciation, including the International Phonetic Alphabet. It develops the student’s ability to sing convincingly in Italian.

MUGN M105 Music Industry Musicianship 2 crs.

Designed for future music industry professionals with limited musical background, this course covers a basic knowledge of music necessary to work effectively with musicians. Included are basic music terminology, an understanding of the nature of creativity, reading of lead sheets and chord symbols, and listening skills development. This course is for students in the Bachelor of Science track, Music Industry Studies.

MUGN M115 Introduction to Music Technology 3 crs.

This course is a systematic look at music technologies. Upon completion of this course the student will have: a functional knowledge of computers and basic applications used in the music industry; a basic understanding of how to build an HTML website and post media to it; a functional knowledge of the fundamentals of the physics of sound; a functional knowledge of the creation of audio through the use of recording technologies, and software based synthesis and sampling techniques; and basic knowledge of MIDI and Open Sound Control communications protocols.

There is a lab fee of $75 for this course for minors & non-majors in the Department of Music Industry Studies.

MUGN M200 French Diction and Repertoire I 1 cr.

This course is designed for singers and covers the basics of French pronunciation, including the International Phonetic Alphabet.

MUGN M201 French Diction and Repertoire II 1 cr.

This course continues to develop the students’ ability to sing convincingly in French.

Prerequisite: MUGN M200

MUGN M225 Digital Audio Production 3 crs.

An in-depth examination of the principles and applications of digital audio in today’s recording and interactive media industries. Topics discussed include: digital audio fundamentals, recording and reproduction systems, computer and hardware based recording and editing, and audio for CD and other media applications.

Prerequisite: MUGN M115 

There is a lab fee of $75 for this course for minors & non-majors in the Department of Music Industry Studies.

MUGN M230 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking 3 crs.

An introduction to the practical aspects of developing the three basic types of films: documentaries, performance, and conceptual.

This course has a lab fee associated with it. Please check LORA for the amount of the lab fee.

MUGN M245 Artist Health & Wellness 3 crs.

This course is concerned with all issues related to the health and wellness of the performing artist, including injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, related musculo/skeletal issues, exercise and nutritional issues, hearing health and performance anxiety.

Prerequisites: This course is available for students in the College of Music & Fine Arts only.

MUGN M260 Internet Technologies I 3 crs.

A systematic and functional study of new media technologies dominating the music industry. Emphasis is placed on web design appropriate for promotion of artists and performing groups, including electronic portfolios. Students will gain a full knowledge of HTML/image editing and streaming audio as well as synchronized multimedia presentations. Also included will be an introduction to video streaming and basic animation techniques.

Prerequisite: MUGN M115

There is a lab fee of $75 for this course for minors & non-majors in the Department of Music Industry Studies.   

MUGN M300 German Diction and Repertoire I 1 cr.

This course for singers, required for music education and vocal performance majors, covers the basics of German pronunciation, including the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet. An accompanist is present, and each student works with the professor on two German lieder by such composers as Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mozart, etc. The student prepares the songs for performance, with emphasis on well sung and articulated German, and communicating the meaning of the text. Offered in the fall only.

MUGN M301 German Diction and Repertoire II 1 cr.

This course for singers continues to develop the students’ ability to sing convincingly in German.

Prerequisite: MUGN M300

MUGN M325 Tech Topics 3 crs.

This is an umbrella course that changes each year to accommodate new developments and trends in recording technology.

MUGN M355 Recording Studio Techniques 2 crs.

Recording Studio Techniques is an in-depth study of the techniques and methods used to produce recordings in the studio, including microphone placement, pre-amps, recording consoles and all outboard equipment.

Prerequisites: MUGN M115, MUGN M225

There is a lab fee of $75 for this course for minors & non-majors in the Department of Music Industry Studies

MUGN M360 Live Sound Production 3 crs.

Live Sound Production is an in-depth stuff of the practice and techniques for providing live sound reinforcement for concert events. Topics will cover a wide range of technical and non-technical issues including law, electronics, physics and business. The course also showcases new technology developments when appropriate.

Prerequisites: MUGN M225

MUGN M406 Psychology of Music 3 crs.

This course will provide a general introduction to a wide variety of related topics within the psychology of music. Topics will include connections between philosophy and music psychology, the basis for human musicality and musical behaviors from around the world, acoustics, hearing, psychoacoustics, music cognition, the brain, music perception, bodily responses, and emotional responses to music. The class will explore what it means to be a musical person through the examination of literature on music performance skills, the shaping of musical self-identity, music learning, how music plays a significant role in health, and music in a variety of social contexts.

MUGN M408 Internet Technologies II 2 crs.

An in-depth exploration of the technologies behind the distribution and promotion of digital media on the web. Existing platforms will be discussed, as well as programming techniques related to media streaming, web commerce, database management, and related concepts. Students will apply knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySql to create interactive, media-rich web pages.

Prerequisite: MUGN M260

There is a lab fee of $75 for this course for minors & non-majors in the Department of Music Industry Studies.

MUGN M420 Senior Project 3 crs.

An exhaustive inquiry into a single topic chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty member who will supervise and evaluate the project.

Prerequisite: By permission of instructor only

MUGN M425 Video Editing 3 crs.

A basic introduction into the theoretical and practical aspects of video editing, including the use of Final Cut Pro, Avid, and other editing platforms.

Prerequisite: MUGN M230

This course has a lab fee associated with it for the purpose of supporting supplies specifically needed for the functioning of this particular course. Please check LORA for the amount of the lab fee.

MUGN M435 Film Scoring 3 crs.

This course provides students with an overview of film and TV scoring, focusing on both composition and music supervision. The following topics will be addressed: a film’s “music team” (director, producer, music supervisor, film editor, composer) and the respective roles of each will be discussed; the general functions of music in film and TV; budgeting for music; “temp scores; music licensing (master and sync), spotting a film; general vocabulary of the industry; the “tools” used by composers. Students will work with each other in creative teams to “score” scenes from projects

Prerequisites: MUTH M203, MUTH M150, or MUGN M105

MUGN M437 Audio for Film and Television 3 crs.

A practical survey of audio recording, editing and mixing for film, television and other distribution mediums. Topics include project supervision and coordination, recording techniques, sound editing and mixing, room acoustics, media management, and post production workflows.

Prerequisites: MUGN M225

MUGN M440 Production of Recorded Music 3 crs.

This course touches on the aspects of preproduction, production and postproduction of a recorded music, including the relevant business, technical, legal, financial, human, and creative issues. Students will produce several audio recording projects during the semester.

Prerequisites: MUGN M225

MUGN M499 Independent Study Credits Vary

A student may apply for an independent study only in the following two cases: the student needs a course for graduation which is not presently being offered, or the student desires to study a topic(s) not covered in courses offered by the college. An overall GPA of 2.0 is required in order to be eligible to enroll in independent study. In general, students applying for independent study should possess at least junior standing. Exceptions must be discussed with and approved by the associate dean. Students must also complete a formal application prior to registration and obtain approval from the desired tenured instructor and the associate dean. 

Loyola Core

Loyola Core Foundations Courses

MUGN T121 First-Year Seminar 3 crs.

All first-year students take a 3-credit First-Year Seminar during their first semester as one of the core course in the Loyola Core. First-Year Seminars at Loyola are small, discussion-based seminars that introduce new college students to academic inquiry at the university level by investigating a relevant topic. Specially-trained faculty lead these seminars in a way that instills in students the academic skills necessary to become successful Loyola students. A list of upcoming First-Year Seminars can be found on the First-Year Experience homepage

Loyola Core - Knowledge & Values Courses

MUGN O202 Music and the Human Experience 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures
RAC: Diversity
Service Learning Required

This course encourages students to develop a new and different way of speaking and thinking about music and its relevancy to all cultures; hence, this course draws upon music from the Western “classical” tradition as well as from various areas throughout the world. In framing the course from the perspective of the West, our study will not simply compare and contrast the world’s musical cultures with our own, but will further encourage us to reflect on the values, traditions, and ideologies that engender musical experience in the West, both past and present. Thus, tradition and history—two of the strongest cultural agencies that condition the Western musical experience—will serve as a kind of “vantage point” through which we will interpret the cultural practice of music within a variety of global contexts.

MUGN O204 Women in Music 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures
RAC: Diversity

Women in Music examines the role of women in music and musical life of the past and present, primarily in the West. It examines contributions of specific individuals and explores the role of gender in the creation, transmission, and reception of music. The portrayal of women on the stage, in writings about music, in music compositions, and in the media also will be discussed.

MUGN O206 Music and Art in the Middle Ages and Renaissance 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures
RAC: Premodern

This course will examine intersections between music and the visual arts during the middle ages and the early modern period, focusing on selected cultural moments such as the court of Charlemagne c. 800, the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris c. 1200, and Florence in the fifteenth centuries.

Crosslist: VISA O206

MUGN O208 Song of the South 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures

The south continues to maintain a distinctive set of musical and cultural identities. The various notions of the “South,” however, create a complicated (and often troubled) relationship with those outside of the region. By contextualizing and exploring the diverse musical and media landscapes created within and about the south, and using the New Orleans musical soundscape as a vantage point, this course hopes to work through various understandings of southern identity and the musical sounds that have critically defined crucial aspects of the southern story.

MUGN O244  History of American Popular Music  3 crs. 

Creative Arts & Cultures
RAC: Diversity

This course is a comprehensive study of the history of American popular music, dating from the minstrel of the nineteenth century to the MP3 and Internet. The sources of popular music, listening, music identity, technology, and the history of the music business are components of this course.

Prerequisite: ENGL T122 or equivalent
This course is not available to students who are enrolled in the degree program of Bachelor of Music.

MUGN O246  History of New Orleans Music  3 crs.

Creative Arts & Cultures

This course is a comprehensive study of the history of New Orleans music, dating from the nineteenth century music in Congo Square and opera to the present-­‐day musicians of rhythm-­‐and-­‐blues, rock, jazz and rap. The sources of the music, listening, music identity, social and racial influences, and the history of the music business in New Orleans are components of this course.

Prerequisite: ENGL T122 or equivalent

MUGN O268 Exploring Western Art Music 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures
RAC: Pre-Modern

This course focuses on developing active listening skills and understanding how music reflects the arts and ideas of its time. If instructor interest and expertise permits, jazz, world musics, and/or popular music may be studied, but the course concentrates on music of the Western art tradition between c. 800 CE and the present.

Not available to students enrolled in the degree program of Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Therapy, Bachelor of Music Education, or Bachelor of Arts in Music

MUGN O272 Jazz in American Culture 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures

This course covers the basic elements and style periods of jazz and how they reflect the culture of America.

MUGN O274 World Music 3 crs.

Creative Arts and Cultures
RAC: Diversity

This class aims to broaden students’ knowledge of world cultures through an appreciation of their music and the multiple roles that music plays in people’s cultural lives. Throughout the course there is an interest in music as sound, but also as tied to aspects of identity, to migration and global social processes, to personal and community memory, to politics and power, and to other aspects.