Marketing (MKT)


Business Core Courses

MKT B280 Basic Marketing 3 crs.

This course assists students in understanding the role of marketing from a managerial perspective. It examines how product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions are made to satisfy the needs of specific target markets. The impacts of political-legal, competitive, socio-cultural, technological, and economic environments on marketing are also studied.

Prerequisite: ECON B100, sophomore standing

Major + Minor Courses

MKT B322 Retail + Value Chain Management 3 crs.

This course studies the merchandising and management activities of the retailer, as well as retailers’ interactions with distribution intermediaries and manufacturers. Distribution strategies are studied both from the point of view of the manufacturer and retailer.

Prerequisites: MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B322

MKT B330 International Marketing 3 crs.

This course explores similarities and differences of domestic and international marketing programs; sources of information available to firms considering foreign marketing efforts; costs and problems of gathering this information; formulation and implementation of marketing strategies in other environments.

Prerequisites: MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: INTB B330

MKT B335 Advanced Business Communication 3 crs.

This course explores a core of advanced communication topics including meeting management, negotiation, leadership communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and cultural communication skills. Case studies are discussed and analyzed. A team project allows students to gain experience in conducting, analyzing, and writing a communication audit.

Prerequisites: BA B101, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B335

MKT B340 Promotions Management 3 crs.

This course emphasizes development of integrated promotional programs. Advertising, public relations, personal selling, promotional packaging, along with many other sales stimulating methods and techniques are covered.

Prerequisites: MKT B280, junior standing

MKT B370 Import / Export Operations 3 crs.

This course covers the basics of international trade, transaction sequencing, transportation and logistics, export pricing, freight forwarding, shipping and collection documents, payment terms and bank collections, tariffs and duties, packing and marking, marine cargo insurance, and import procedures.

Prerequisites: LGST B205 or LGST B300, MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listings: INTB B370, MGT B370

MKT B390 Consumer Analysis + Research 3 crs.

This course teaches the student how to measure and analyze consumer attitudes and behavior. Measurement techniques covered include observation, interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Analysis tools used include descriptive statistics, chi square, and spreadsheet analysis for value determination.

Prerequisites: DECS B205, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: DECS B390

MKT B450 Advanced Marketing Strategy 3 crs.

This course is an analysis of a wide variety of marketing problems. The case-situation method is employed, with emphasis on managerial problem solving amid real world constraints; and the use of behavioral and quantitative techniques.

Prerequisites: MKT B280, MKT B390, senior standing

MKT B455 Strategic Brand Management 3 crs.

This course explores the importance of brands and the process of branding as a vital element of the success of businesses and other organizations. This course is designed to develop student’s ability to build, measure, and manage brand equity through effective and strategic brand promotion. Projects include an audit of a real company’s branding strategy and brand promotion campaigns.

Prerequisites: MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B455

MKT B460 Electronic Marketing 3 crs.

The course is an integration of electronic and technological topics that are popular with today’s connected consumer. In particular, the course examines search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing topics. The course has a strategic flavor to it, with implications and relevance to marketing. Students will gain a clear understanding of how today’s connected consumer uses technology, communication, and devices as each relates to marketing.

Prerequisites: MKT B280; junior standing

MKT B493 Special Topics in Marketing 3 crs.

This course designation is applied to topical electives in Marketing offered on an irregular basis.

Prerequisites: MKT B280; junior standing

MKT B499 Independent Study in Marketing 3 crs.

Prerequisites: MKT B280; junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

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