Entrepreneurship Courses

Minor Courses

ENTR B300 Entrepreneurship 3 crs.

This course sheds light on the entrepreneurial process, from opportunity recognition to the funding and growth of a new venture. By engaging with case studies and each other, students learn how successful ventures have been created as well as how to create a novel venture from scratch. Importantly, the central aim of this course is not the creation of a successful business per se, but to provide a comprehensive toolkit for prospective founders so that their decision to engage in entrepreneurship is as well thought-out and fruitful as possible.

Prerequisites: MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B300

ENTR B430 Entrepreneurial Strategy 3 crs.

This course provides an in-depth look at the process of building a repeatable and scalable business venture from ideation through achievement of meaningful scale and eventual venture exit. The course focuses on the unique challenges of managing a rapidly growing business. The course is taught as a series of advanced case discussions supplemented with practitioner lectures studying the strategic decisions and day-to-day operational challenges of real start-up companies.

Prerequisites: ENTR B300, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B430

ENTR B440 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 crs.

This course follows the financial decisions over the of the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture from the creation of the business through raising capital, managing for growth, and exit through acquisition or IPO.

Prerequisites: ACCT B202, ENTR B300, junior standing

Cross-listing: FIN B440

ENTR B493 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship 3 crs.

This course designation is applied to topical electives in Entrepreneurship offered on an irregular basis.

Prerequisites: ENTR B300; junior standing

ENTR B499 Independent Study in Entrepreneurship 3 crs.

Prerequisites: ENTR B300; junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

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