Business Administration (BA)


Business Core Courses

BA B100 Introduction to Business 3 crs.

The course introduces the nature of business and its complexities in the context of the environment in which it operates. Subjects covered include ownership forms, organization, management, marketing, accounting, financial institutions, labor relations, basic word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, data base, library resources, and small businesses.

BA B101 Business Communications 3 crs.

This course serves to improve the student's ability to create successful communication products–both written and oral. Topics include the process for successful communication, team communication business writing, report writing using style guidelines, online communication, and presentation skills.

Prerequisites: BA B100, ENGL T122

BA B415 Business Ethics 3 crs.

This course examines the sources of societal pressure, business reaction, and the community’s expectation. The entire spectrum of corporate and government activities are discussed against the framework of the demands made on the firm and government by forces outside of the marketplace.

Prerequisites: ECON B101, MGT B245, PHIL W252, senior standing

BA B445 Business Policy 3 crs.

This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate the skills acquired in prior coursework in analyzing the internal and external environments of organizations and has students learn how to formulate and implement strategies that will allow a firm to compete successfully within its environment.

Prerequisites: FIN B300, MGT B245, MGT B325, MKT B280, senior standing

BA B493 Special Topics 3 crs.

This course designation is applied to topical electives in Business offered on an irregular basis.

Prerequisite: Junior standing

BA B497 Internship 3 crs.

Prerequisite: Junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

See description in College of Business overview

BA B499 Independent Study 3 crs.

Prerequisite: Junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

See description in College of Business overview

Introductory Common Curriculum Courses

BA T121 First-Year Seminar 3 crs.

The gateway course to the Common Curriculum is the First-Year Seminar (FYS). This issues-based, interdisciplinary seminar introduces students to college-level thinking and learning as well as Jesuit values at the core of a Loyola education. This FYS has a specific topic within the scope of Business Administration. A full list of currently offered FYS courses can be found on the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system.